My Cigar Journey

Come with me on a journey through time, space and finely wrapped tobacco

Cigar Mold!

So, I’ve been working in London these last two months and I’m only home on weekends. With me being so busy I’ve neglected my humidor.

So, in a somewhat ridiculous experiment of mine, to maintain the humidity for a prolonged period of time whilst I’m away, I soaked a sponge in deionised water and placed it under the rack on which my cigars lay.

I decided to check on the cigars on Sunday and to my horror my Romeo Y Julieta Churchill, my Short Churchill and my last Cohiba Robusto were covered in mold.

In panic mode I used deionised water to wipe the mold from the cigars, I’ve cleaned the humidor down and put the unaffected ones in a temporary humidor. I’m leaving the affected ones at room temperature to see if the mold comes back. Pray it doesn’t!

Best cigars?

Are Cubans actually the best cigars money can buy? Or is it just that our American friends can’t have them that gives them that luxurious image?

New Years Eve - pre-smoke - Cohiba Behike 54 - celebrating one year on from our Paris engagement

New Years Eve - pre-smoke - Cohiba Behike 54 - celebrating one year on from our Paris engagement

The Ritual

What accessories are needed for cigar smoking?

A cigar cutter and either a butane lighter or wooden matches.

Should the band (label) be removed before or during smoking?
The band is a tribute to the cigar maker. It should be kept in place.

How do you prepare your cigar for lighting?
First, look for the seam at the closed end of the cigar. Cut the cigar just above the seam using a cigar cutter.

Then, toast the foot (open end) of the cigar. Do so by holding the flame at the end of the cigar and rotating the cigar in a circle. This ensures an even burn.

Next, put the cigar in your mouth and rotate it in a full circle as you sip the smoke. Allow the flavor to envelope your palate, as you would a fine wine or spirit

How should the ash be handled?
A long ash is a sign of impeccable quality. When the ash gets to be about ½” long, gently tap the cigar on the side of an ashtray to allow the ash to gracefully dislodge.

Can a cigar be relit after it has gone out?
A cigar will go out if you are not continuously smoking it. In this case, it is perfectly acceptable to relight the cigar. Simply dislodge the ash and relight it. However, you should not relight a cigar that has been sitting for more than an hour. In this case, select a new cigar to smoke.

What should I do when I’m done with the cigar?
When your cigar experience is over, simply leave the cigar in the ashtray and it will extinguish on its own.